Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment in Brampton

Airport Rehab Clinic is pleased to offer medical acupuncture treatment as part of our wide range of physiotherapy services. Acupuncture is administered by our experienced and registered physiotherapists.

How Is Medical Acupuncture Treatment Performed?

Medical acupuncture involves using very fine sterile needles, which are carefully inserted into specific anatomically defined neuro-functional points on the body. These precise points help improve nerve stimulation.

The stimulation can be performed manually, using the needles only or supplement with therapeutic electricity methods. Therapeutic electricity methods involve modulation on the acupuncture points to improve stimulation response.

Acupuncture can help improve functioning of the nervous system, endocrine system, exocrine system, and immune system. It also can help alleviate pain, reduce mobility issues, and improve immune response for various illnesses and diseases.

Will Medical Acupuncture Treatment Really Help?

Many recent research studies have shown acupuncture, when performed with other physiotherapy treatments helps improve recovery from various disabilities and injuries. Many of our patients at Airport Rehab Clinic report acupuncture treatments have helped with their conditions.

How acupuncture helps is directly related to the specific points on the body and the nerves these points stimulate. Each of these points have a lower sensitivity level and “electrical” charge. As such, inserting the acupuncture needles at these points, decreases sensitivity to other areas of the body through the nervous system.

Patients report that through this decrease in sensitivity, they notice a reduction in pain in other areas of their body. Patients have also reported they have noticed a sense of heightened relaxation both during and after acupuncture treatments.

How Safe Is Medical Acupuncture?

At Airport Rehab Clinic, our physiotherapists use sterile acupuncture needs for each treatment. Each needle is designed for single treatment usage and is discard afterwards. As with any medical treatment, there can be certain risks, most notably if the patient is hemophilic or pregnant. Other possible side effects may include slight bruising and minimal bleeding at the insertion points.

How Long Does Medical Acupuncture Take Before It Starts to Work?

Again, this can vary from one patient to another. Some patients notice relief from their symptoms after their initial medical acupuncture treatment. Other patients report they notice improvements after a few treatments. On average, most patients notice a change over a period of treatments that ranges from four to eight treatments.

For additional information about medical acupuncture treatment in brampton, or to schedule a consultation appointment, please feel free to contact Airport Rehab Clinic directly today! We even offer in-home treatment in the GTA!

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